A Salute to King James

This past baseball season sports fans everywhere got to marvel as Aaron Judge pursued one of the iconic records in the history of professional sports—the single season home run record. Judge set the record this September with his monumental 62nd home run blast. This winter we watched in anticipation as another iconic sports record was set to fall.

Last night LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers hit a fade away jumper amassing 38,388 points for his career to surpass the all-time NBA scoring record set 39 years ago by basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

In breaking the seemingly impossible record James adds to his incredible list of accomplishments. Remarkably, even as a scoring dynamo, James is 4th on the all-time NBA list of assists. He has four NBA titles with three different teams and has been awarded four league MVP’s. He also has 2 Olympic gold medals.

Throughout his 20-year career James has been an ambassador for the game of basketball and has helped increase the sports’ popularity throughout the world.

As we saw with Aaron Judge’s accomplishments, all records are made to be broken. But not without hard work, persistence, and an abundance of talent, all of which are displayed by LeBron James. And incredibly, at the age of 38, James remains one of the top players in the NBA, so there is no telling how many other records are within his reach.